Nashville Hot Chicken  

chicken lovingly fried with revenge, mystery spices, and deep red heat. that is the story of hot chicken.

choose your spice level:

naked (0 out of 10)
mild (3 out of 10)
hot (7 out of 10)
insane (11 out of 10)



choose your chicken:

wings: 3 of them  12
tenders: boneless breast meat  12
white meat: boneless breast & wing 14
dark meat: thigh and drumstick 14
half bird: thigh, leg, boneless breast & wing 24

Each order comes with bread & butter pickles white bread & your choice of: hand cut fries, cabbage & pepper slaw or smoked gouda mac & cheese Fried WA state corn with Cotija cheese and lime +$1
Extra sides $5 


fried hot chicken sandwich  13  
brioche roll, iceberg, b&b pickles, aioli   

fried green tomato sandwich  12
White Cheddar Cheese & Red Pepper Cabbage Slaw 



wedge salad 12
iceberg, housemade goddess, pickled yellow beets, delicata squash,
parsnip straws, bleu cheese, soft egg.

pile of fried okra 5
okra sliced paper thin, fried crisp, housemade hot sauce.

frito pie 8
house braised pork and house smoked brisket chili,
white cheddar, pickled chilies, cilantro, 
on a bed of Fritos Brand cornchips. 

fried green tomatoes 8
fried green tomatoes, housemade pimento cheese, housemade goddess.



cabbage slaw 4
hand cut fries 5
smoked gouda mac and cheese 5 ADD BACON 2
fried corn cotija 6



Insane, Hot, Mild or Naked

Buttermilk Waffle, Boneless White Meat Chicken
Whiskey Honey Butter & Noble Syrup


homemade biscuits w/ seasonal jam 4
house smoked bacon 4